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J. Ryan Johnson focuses on family law, including divorce, child custody, and child support issues. Therefore, he understands the care, thought and importance of family law cases. 



J. Ryan Johnson has built his practice on helping people facing divorce during a difficult marriage. The critical long term consequences of divorce need to be handled by an attorney who will understand your specific circumstances, and advise you on the best course of action. From children to personal property, J. Ryan Johnson will aggressively defend your rights before and after your divorce, and work towards an outcome that is fair and reasonable.


Child Custody

Divorce is not only painful for the married couple, but equally painful for children that are involved. J. Ryan Johnson will aggressively defend your parenting rights, and help you to negotiate a parenting plan. The state of Tennessee typically awards co-parenting rights for the mother and father. However, your circumstances may differ. This is where an experienced attorney like J. Ryan Johnson will work on your behalf for the best option for your children.


Child Support

Whether you are owed child support, or you owe child support to your previous spouse, J. Ryan Johnson will work towards a fair settlement on your behalf. Divorce litigation may be involved in order to receive back child support, or a resettlement may need to be negotiated when your circumstances change. With the critical implications that child support plays, you need an experienced advocate to work for you.


Post Divorce

Many times divorce is just the beginning. If you need modified alimony, contempt or enforcement litigation after your divorce, J. Ryan Johnson will represent your interest and help you to hold your previous spouse accountable to your divorce settlement.