Criminal Law

Fight the Power

A Criminal Defense attorney who understands the process fully

Whether you are facing assault, possession, or DUI charges, J. Ryan Johnson will aggressively defend your case. He has vast experience in all three areas and will work to protect your future. 



Through J. Ryan Johnson’s practice with family law, he has encountered many instances of domestic assault, whether fairly or unfairly. Domestic assault or aggravated assault can carry severe consequences after an arrest. Let J. Ryan Johnson defend you during your assault case.



Drug possession is a common charge many of J. Ryan Johnson’s clients face. Whether you have previous possession charges, or this is your first arrest for possession, J. Ryan Johnson will work aggressively to defend you.



A DUI can affect your ability to retain your driver’s license, get to and from work, and make a living. Aggressively defending you during a DUI charge is critical to your future. J. Ryan Johnson has worked numerous DUI cases, and understands the ins and outs of the DUI defense process.